20/10 Vietnamese Women’s Day and Meaningful Activities at Brighton Montessori

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October 20, 2022 is the 92nd anniversary of the establishment of the Vietnam Women’s Union, also known as Vietnamese Women’s Day. This is a special holiday to honor Vietnamese women, which must definitely be mentioned on October 20. This is a day to give good things to women like grandmothers, mothers, teachers,… That’s why on this day, teachers and students at Brighton Montessori had very meaningful activities.


Meaning of Vietnamese Women’s Day October 20

Vietnamese Women’s Day is a celebration to honor Vietnamese women, held on October 20 every year in Vietnam. On this occasion, Vietnamese women, as well as women in other parts of the world, are expressed interest and honored in many forms by many people, but the most popular is still giving roses, cards and accompanying them. congratulations. Vietnamese Women’s Day October 20 is the first day in the history of our country, a mass organization of women can operate legally and openly, in order to unite and encourage women to make active contributions to the community. the country’s revolutionary cause.

This is also the first time that Vietnamese women are allowed to hold election ballots, participate in government and social work, and hold many responsibilities in the State apparatus and mass organizations. Over the past 90 autumns, the Women’s Union has grown stronger and stronger, and patriotic Vietnamese women have become more knowledgeable, healthier, more dynamic, creative, have a cultural lifestyle, have a sincere heart. benevolent, interested in the interests of society and the community.

Experiencing many ups and downs of society, women have always shown an active and courageous role, with a benevolent heart, having contributed a lot to the cause of national liberation and independence for the country.
Every year, October 20 is chosen as Vietnamese Women’s Day, which is the recognition of the country with those who were given 8 golden words by Uncle Ho: “Hero, Indomitable, Loyal, and Dammit”.

October 20 at Brighton Montessori

October 20 is Vietnamese Women’s Day and many parents wonder if their children will learn about the significant milestones of their country by studying in an international school? The answer for parents is yes. Brighton is present in many countries, and in each country there are special days with national significance, we respect that and we teach children about the meaning of those special days. Not only do we tell children about the meaning of October 20, but we also have meaningful activities with them on this special day.

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