5 great ways to teach preschoolers concentration and obedience

Brighton Montessori

It is recommended to train children to focus and listen from a young age so that they can explore and learn about the world around them. So how can teachers teach children to focus and obey? Let’s explore 5 great ways to solve that problem through the following article.

5 tuyệt chiêu dạy trẻ mầm non sự tập trung và biết nghe lời

5 great ways to teach preschoolers concentration and obedience

In the process of forging a child’s routine, she must be serious and fastidious. But with young love, when studying, be strict when playing, then get along with children. Time to eat and sleep to take care of the child.. the child will feel her affection and become fond of her, thereby being less destructive. She still has authority over the children, but the children love her, not afraid of her.

Preschool education is very difficult, most of the children are ignorant, so the teacher is very hard. In many cases, teachers go crazy because children are unruly and parents are upset. However, when the child is undisciplined, he will feel very “happy”. Each school, each class, and each girl is different, so depending on the situation of the child, the teacher considers appropriate behavior.

1. Understand the personality of each child

1 count for each child. When children like sweet, when they do wrong, the teacher says sweet and flattery, then the child will obey. Children like salt… Many children like salty, then the teacher will certainly never listen to sweet things, so sometimes they say the opposite of flattery. As long as she doesn’t do anything too harsh with the child, it’s fine.

Teachers need to find out weaknesses, strengths, causes, and ways to overcome them, and the number of children who like to play and disobey in a class is just unique. Some children just like to run out of place to get her attention… I’m angry that the child wrinkled and smiled… In such cases and situations, the teacher should be persistent and change the way she handles her emotions. active. You can talk gently, considerately, care and chat with children like friends, or use a strict face, or punish standing in the corner, forcing you to sit and think, create interesting games…

2. The teacher must be very patient

When organizing an activity, not all children are willing to do or pay attention because of their mischievous nature, like to stir up, and refuse to sit still. Therefore, the teacher needs to be patient and maintain a regular schedule of activities, and the child will gradually follow her. For special children, it is normal to take time to train well, sometimes 3-4 months. It’s not possible overnight that the baby will listen to her.

3. Regularly organize activities for children

Regularly organizing activities is a way for children to play, learn and use energy reasonably. Besides participating in activities, children will be interested and love going to school. This requires teachers to diligently play games for children. Children love outdoor or practical activities such as setting up a boat to drop into the water, playing with watercolors, making cakes, and playing on the farm…

Creating excitement and love for school is one of the important factors, in helping teachers improve the spirit of curiosity in children, thereby helping children focus more in class.

4. Games and activities to help train children’s concentration

Train rails. Children will develop the ability to concentrate when trying to match the tracks correctly, and they will also improve their math skills.
Play a jigsaw puzzle. Start with 24 puzzle pieces, then move up to 48 pieces and more…
String beads. Start with a few beads of different colors, then create a pattern for the beads, for example, string the colors red, yellow, blue, and purple in order, and ask the child to repeat them 5 to 6 times.

5. Belongs to the child’s name

This is a fairly simple thing, but not every teacher can do it quickly. For the child to obey, she should first memorize the child’s name, this shows her interest in the child and helps to increase the affection between the teacher and the child.

Conclusion: Above are 5 great ways to teach preschool children concentration and obedience that preschool teachers need to grasp to bring the best quality of teaching and learning.

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