Children are smarter with Montessori education method

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Children getting smarter with Montessori education is real? So what is the Montessori method of education? What kind of children would be suitable for the Montessori method? What will you get when you study this method? To answer today’s topic, Brighton will share all the necessary information for parents.

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Children getting smarter with Montessori education is real?

The Montessori method of education, developed by doctor Maria Montessori in 1907, is the most famous and popular method of educating children from the age of 0 in the world today. Montessori is a method created to educate children in schools, but parents can apply the spirit of this method to educate their children at home.

Currently, this method is still the first choice of educators and parents in helping children develop comprehensively and teach children to be smarter. The number of students, lecturers, and schools using this method is increasing around the world. In Vietnam, the number of preschools applying the Montessori method of education is also increasing, affirming the role of teaching children to improve themselves and become smarter.

According to this method, children in the golden development stage 0-6 years old have a lot of potential, children learn through playing/exploring the world around them, and children learn with all their senses, so it is very important to use them. Vivid tools to teach children. The focus of this method is to respect the natural development of the child and to appreciate the observation of the child. From there, design activities to play and explore suitable for children. Accompanied by the use of a variety of Montessori education, lessons are delivered to children more effectively.

Contents of the Montessori education method

Lessons are designed to be flexible, but build on key skills:

  1. Practical life skills
  2. Sensory skills
  3. Math skills
  4. Cultural skills
  5. Language skills

Why does the Montessori method make children smarter?

Learning with the Montessori method, the child is not pressured or does not feel burdened by the work, so the child’s learning efficiency will be higher than with other methods. All lessons are designed into activities or games, encouraging children to explore, discover on their own, use all senses, and do work until they realize a concept or an idea. means mastering a certain skill. This learning process is proven to make the child smarter. Because children understand the problem of the lesson by themselves, understand deeply, and at the same time make long-term memory in the brain. As a result, children who are educated with this Montessori method have better learning results and are smarter. This self-discovery learning habit also helps the child practice problem-solving skills, self-awareness, good comparative reasoning, gross and fine motor development, and more.

What is the Montessori method of education?

The Montessori method of education is a child-centered educational method. They will not be forced to learn or do things that they do not want, the autonomy in this educational method helps them develop instinctively, by what they perceive and feel about real life.

The nature of the Montessori method of education

1.    Choose your activities, prioritize the development of concentration and individuality

Children can choose their favorite activities and develop at their own pace, there is no common curriculum or common assessment for the whole class. During the process of self-learning through learning materials and activities, children will not be interrupted or disturbed.

2.    Learning tools are the main learning tools

In working with children, Montessori realized that children are completely captivated by objects and materials designed to aid sensory perception. Therefore, she has developed specialized teaching tools to create a suitable environment for children.

Such objects are called school supplies or Montessori materials, not toys as in other educational methods. Montessori materials are many, detailed, and quite sophisticated, created to help children learn a variety of problems from geography, to math …. All learning tools are designed to contain a certain lesson, which children will tinker with and discover on their own until they find the correct use of that tool and the hidden lesson afterward.

3.    Teachers are facilitators

In the classroom, teachers act as facilitators rather than instructors. Teachers do not stand up and teach children to do this, that, instead, children choose their favorite activity and do it. When the child has difficulty, the teacher will support the child. The most common image in a Montessori classroom is that each child has a corner of the room, is engrossed in their activities, and is not disturbed or interrupted during the working process. Montessori believes that it is the concentration of work that is the best way for children to learn on their own and remember the longest.

4.    Mixing ages

The Montessori classroom consists of students of different ages studying together. Usually, children from 0-3 years old take a class and those from 3-6 years old take a class. Montessori believes that children of different ages will be able to better support each other and learn from each other.

5.    The environment is orderly and harmonious

Classes are designed around the needs of the child and are tailored to the child with materials within reach so that the child can make their own. Classrooms are arranged in a certain order and harmonious colors for children to learn best. Orderliness is one of the main requirements of this method, towards orderliness.

Who is the Montessori method suitable for?

Montessori focuses on the individual development and individual activities of each child rather than the child’s ability to connect and work in groups. Therefore, babies who are quite quiet, introverted, and introverted will be very suitable for this method. Montessori learning often focuses on interacting with available materials, so the development of creativity may not be equal to some other methods. Children with strong temperaments, “often breaking the rules” may take a longer time to adjust to Montessori’s orderly environment.

What will you get when you study this method?

When children are educated according to the Montessori method, their potential will be fully exploited, not forced, child-centered but not working for children, this helps children create a suitable environment. age-appropriate, the teacher on the side just observes and gives suggestions. But so our children will be more independent, they have to think more on their own to be able to understand and get along with you. Not only that, the child’s brain will be stimulated to be more active to be able to play and learn with the specialized tools of this educational method, from which the child’s IQ will develop better and the child will be more intelligent. smarter.

Some notes when choosing a Montessori school for your child

Any school can be called a “Montessori” school, there is no set standard for a school following this method. The best way to make sure you choose the right Montessori school for your child is to make sure the school’s teachers have a certificate issued by AMI – International Montessori Association and valid around the world. Teachers to get this certificate to have to go through the process of studying and taking exams, actually practicing, for several years. Teachers with AMI certification can work at any Montessori school in the world, especially standard and reputable Montessori schools.

Currently, many organizations are claiming to train and grant Montessori certifications, causing many parents to confuse international standard Montessori teachers recognized by the International Montessori Association and Montessori teachers recognized by a certain organization or individual. take. The quality of teacher training in these organizations is also uneven, depending on each organization.

So, if parents can’t choose a Montessori school with AMI teachers, choose any school, any certified teacher but make sure that person has studied Montessori thoroughly, understands that method, and has young love.

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