Don’t let your child grow up with a maid

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Life and work are so busy that many young mothers choose to hire a babysitter to look after their children. However, many families are too dependent on domestic workers, disregarding the responsibility and obligation to care for and love their children… Is this correct? Is it good for you? Does it affect the spiritual relationship between parents and children? If you are interested in this issue, please read the entire content below of Brighton.

Dung de con lon len voi nguoi giup viec

Don’t let your child grow up with a maid

The role of the maid

Babysitting maids are becoming more and more popular because modern life is busy, and mothers do not have time to take care of children as well as do household chores. The view of hiring a maid has also been responded to and supported by many people. Families with domestic help, especially families with young children, to free up labor for parents, especially women.

However, you need to properly understand the role of a maid as they are just a support person in taking care of your children, they do not have the obligation and right to teach your children. Therefore, clearly define your thoughts before you fall into dependency and leave your children to the maid.

The role of a mother and what to do even though you have a babysitter

Some good maids take good care of their children, children love the maids more than their mothers, and some helpers have not done their responsibilities properly, and your children will be hurt. And both of these things have a very serious effect on the emotional perception of children toward their parents.

We agree to hire a babysitter. However, “helping to support, not means leaving the children to them”, it is very advisable to have help so that parents are not too entangled in housework, but there are things, it is best, to do yourself. do, for our children and ourselves. If you can take the time, here are a few things you can do to be closer to your child:

1. Bathe your baby

Bathing a child is also a very private thing, and is an expression of extremely close affection, when bathing a child, parents can also check for abnormalities on the child’s body. Therefore, parents should not leave the bathing of children to the maid. (Of course, for older children, about 4.5 years old or older, practice giving them baths by themselves.)

2. Cut your child’s fingernails and toenails

Cutting nails and toenails for children is a super practical and very close act of love. Your children will feel that you are the closest and most loving person to them.

3. Read books, and talk to your child before going to bed.

According to research, the period of 30 minutes before going to bed will be a very powerful time for children to deposit and load information. The whispers, the stories, the sharing, the affectionate gestures… that we give you, will follow you to sleep and it will be a full, warm and loving sleep. This is the mother’s right, so don’t let the maid deprive you of the right to hug your child and whisper in your ear “good night”!

4. Dry your hair, tie your hair, and brush your child’s hair.

This job is a privilege for parents with daughters. The actions of stroking your child’s hair, tying a braid, and the feeling that your child’s eyes are delighted because she is so pretty, her face is radiant, are the happiness of mothers, aren’t they?

5. Eat and drink with your child.

Mealtime is not only meant to recharge energy, it is also a super quality and bonding time for parents and children. There are so many things to share at the dinner table, in addition to the story of what each member does during the day, also the story of the food, and the ingredients.

6. Talk to your child.

Take advantage of your limited time to talk to your child all the time. Not only helps to prevent the child from slurred speech, but this is also the time when parents come closer to their children, and their world, understand their children better and bond more closely.

7. Prepare your Backpack/Check your child’s next lesson.

There are many families where parents rarely touch their children’s backpacks, and school announcements are rarely read… These things don’t take too much time, just a few minutes. Even if the maid works, it will not be closely followed, there are announcements and general notes (about epidemics, and collective activities…) that will be difficult to convey effectively. like parents.

If life is too busy, you should hire a babysitter, but you need to keep in mind the point of view: “Children help is to support, not a substitute mother”. Even if you hire a babysitter, you should still take the time to show your love for your child.

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