Essential skills in preschool children

Brighton Montessori

Life skills play an important role in a child’s future development and adaptation. Therefore, parents need to learn carefully and have an appropriate plan to help children learn and promote this knowledge. In today’s article, Brighton will share the essential skills that preschool children need to know.

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Why do preschool children need to practice life skills?

Usually, at preschool age, children tend to absorb and learn new things quickly. Therefore, this is an ideal time for parents to practice life skills for preschool children. These life skills will become the foundation to build a child’s personality and strengths later in life. In addition, teaching life skills to children from an early age also brings some of the following benefits:

  • Help children can adapt to the surrounding environment if parents are not around.
  • Set the stage for the child’s development.
  • Helping children to integrate with friends and teachers at school and in class.
  • Build independence from a young age.

Necessary groups of life skills for preschool children

Life skills for preschool children play an important role in the comprehensive development of children. Therefore, parents, please learn some of the skills below to raise children better.

1. Self-eating skills

Practicing self-feeding skills for children at the preschool stage will build their independent nature. This is one of the essential life skills for preschool children, recommended by experts for families raising children. When children can eat by themselves, parents can rest assured when going on a business trip or having an unexpected job that cannot take care of the child.

2. Behavioral communication skills

Children in the preschool period do not have much insight into the events and activities going on around them. Therefore, children often have the habit of imitating and following the words and actions of people. Therefore, children also easily learn bad habits and bad habits if parents do not prevent them in time. To avoid this situation, parents should guide their child’s communication and behavior skills, starting from the basics such as greeting politely and yielding… These simple habits will help children create and have a good life later.

3. Swimming skills

Swimming is one of the life skills for preschool children that parents care about when raising children. This skill not only supports physical development but also helps increase the baby’s ability to survive. At the same time, when exposed to swimming, children will have the opportunity to familiarize themselves with the new environment, create excitement, and increase creativity in learning. Therefore, parents should take the time to take their children swimming every week.

4. Furniture arrangement skills

Teaching children the skills of arranging things will build the habit of being neat for them later. To develop this skill for your baby, parents can start by teaching the child to arrange clothes. Note, in the process of teaching, parents should be a companion with their children to increase the feeling of excitement. This life skill for preschool children will help them take care of themselves when their parents are not around.

5. Self-care skills

Children at preschool age will most likely be taken care of by their parents in all aspects. However, parents should take the time to teach their children self-care skills. For children to understand the essence of this skill, parents can teach their children simple tasks such as brushing their teeth, personal hygiene, asking for help when in trouble, etc. This is one of the life skills. necessary for preschool children that parents need to cultivate for their children.

6. Time management skills

Children’s day activities are almost always scheduled and performed by parents. Therefore, the child’s daily time budget is also managed by the parents. Therefore, children are not aware of the reasonable allocation of time for each of their activities. However, according to experts, knowing how to arrange a daily schedule is necessary when children grow up, creating a premise to develop at work. Parents can start by helping children schedule and perform activities on time such as waking up, reading, playing, eating, etc.

7. Skills to overcome difficulties and challenges

In every child’s mind, parents are indispensable people who help them overcome difficulties and challenges. To help children be independent and integrate into new environments, parents should teach children skills to overcome obstacles. Parents should start with things such as giving children the habit of getting up on their own after falling, letting them solve their problems before guiding them when they encounter obstacles… These small habits will create a premise. for the child’s future development.

8. Skills to share and help people

To help their children become kind and compassionate, parents should teach their children the skills of sharing and helping those around them. This life skill for preschool children seems simple, but it plays an important role in today’s society. To help children acquire this skill, parents should start by creating opportunities for children to help adults with moderate chores such as washing dishes, cleaning the house, etc.

9. Learning skills

Children at preschool age always have a curious hobby and want to learn about objects and events around them. Therefore, parents should create conditions for their children to develop this skill by buying books on a variety of topics for their children. In addition, parents should also teach their children how to ask themselves “why” questions as well as find answers to those questions themselves.

10. Danger avoidance skills

In today’s society, many dangers can threaten the safety of children. Therefore, parents should teach their children skills to avoid danger. To begin with, parents need to teach their children things like not to accept things from strangers, staying away from places where objects or animals can be dangerous, etc.

11. Planting and animal care skills

Another essential preschool life skill is growing plants and taking care of animals. Many studies have shown that loving animals and nature will make your baby’s soul and personality more beautiful. From there, it helps children to form positive emotions, thinking abilities, and caring hearts about everything around them.

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