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About Us

Brighton Montessori originated from Singapore since 1995 with an equally strong focus on the Montessori approach and preparation for formal education. In July 2019, Brighton Montessori extended her reach to Vietnam with the opening of her first campus in Hanoi.

Following the philosophy of Maria Montessori, Brighton Montessori adapted the hands-on learning approach and one-to-one teaching approach with concrete to abstract methods for both Phonics and Mathematics.

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Our Programme

Years of research have shown that young children are very tactile and visual learners. Designed to suit every child, our curriculum is shaped to stimulate and engage children with materials that reiterate and reinforce concepts. With Brighton’s low child-to-teacher ratio, each child receives personalized attention and guidance to ensure that they are progressing to meet their learning goals.

Our Differences

The Brighton curriculum is designed with every child in mind, to stimulate and engage them in learning and reinforcing concepts.

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Individualised learning pace

At Brighton Montessori, we cultivate children’s interests individually, giving every child the freedom to explore and grasp concepts of language, mathematics and more, all at their own pace.

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Low teacher-child ratio

Our teacher-child ratio is carefully crafted to cater to the learning needs according to various age groups. An additional curriculum specialist will support the development of lesson plans so that every child’s learning needs are monitored, adapted and refined.

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100% English immersion

Native English-speaking preschool educators with global experience, supported by experienced local Vietnamese educators for greater appreciation, respect and understanding of diverse cultures, people and languages.

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Specialty clubs for 21st century skills

Choose from Robotics, Coding, Public Speaking, Sports, Creative Arts and other specialty clubs and activities that will hone communication, collaboration, problem-solving and design-thinking skills.

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Singapore exchange programme

Immerse in the Brighton Montessori culture as you join our educators and students on a short-term exchange programme in Singapore!

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Purposefully-designed environment

The environment is an extension of our curriculum, with learning spaces and play areas carefully crafted for young learners.

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What Parents Say

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