How old can children be at International Kindergarten?

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How old can children be at International Kindergarten is a question that many parents care about, and what are the school’s admission requirements? Because this is an important issue, if parents do not grasp the knowledge that skips the golden period in the child’s development, it will cause the child to develop inappropriately with the age and ability of the child. With today’s particular topic, Brighton invites parents to join us to refer to the content below, to get the answer for you.

How old can children be at International Kindergarten
How old can children be at International Kindergarten?

How old can children be at International Kindergarten?

How old can children be at International Kindergarten? is one of the topics that parents are very interested in because this is the first step for children’s intellectual development. With the curriculum and standards of the Ministry of Education in general and of Brighton Montessori School in particular, we accept children when they are 12 months old and they can walk.

Some parents think that sending children to school before 18 months of age is too early, but according to research, the first years of life play a vital role in the formation of a child’s personality and capacity development. From innate children can absorb learning, form understanding, and communication with the surrounding world. Children who go to school early help children develop knowledge according to their age and will create a solid foundation for their future development.

How old can children be at International Kindergarten
How old can children be at International Kindergarten

Why should children go to preschool from 12 months old?

Sending your child to preschool from the age of 12 months will practice early life habits and skills such as independence, self-control, the ability to express clearly, and at the same time, form an interest in going to school. school, increasing readiness to enter primary education.

According to psychologists, currently, there is no unified age suitable for children to go to kindergarten; This depends on the family situation, the child’s level of awareness, and the ability to integrate. However, 10 to 18 months old is considered the “golden age” for children to develop personality and the ability to socialize. Therefore, sending children to school early will have certain benefits.

Children are cared for and taught more scientifically

Most parents are not confident about letting their children go to kindergarten early because they are worried that the baby is still young, their health is not guaranteed, and the teachers cannot take care of many children at the same time… With such a mentality, many parents and mothers leave children at home with grandparents or help take care of them. Children who go to kindergarten early will integrate faster and are better taken care of by teachers because they are trained in caring, loving, and teaching skills. At school, the children will eat enough nutrients from the chefs on the daily menu, health care experts will have timely advice for the baby’s health.

Children will learn faster

Going to kindergarten early, children are properly cared for and taught, so they learn faster. The experience of many parents who send their children to kindergarten early shows that their children can speak quickly, walk quickly and perceive (letters, numbers, objects, etc.) more. In addition, children who have fun with friends, and have many toys, will soon learn how to get along with the group, helping to form a habit of working in groups later. In particular, at school, children learn to speak, sing, draw, read poetry, tell stories, etc. These activities are outstanding in stimulating children’s intellectual development, especially in the golden period from 0 to 5 age.

How old can children be at International Kindergarten
How old can children be at International Kindergarten

Children will integrate faster and better

For children from 12 to 18 months old, the degree of swaddling parents or grandparents is not too high. Therefore, sending children to teachers is much easier. Children learn independence and self-discipline early, the more they grow up, the easier it is for them to take the initiative in everything. More importantly, getting used to school from an early age will help your child not feel that going to school is a burden but a joy. At this age, the children are strong, eat well, can adapt to the new environment well, and are eager to learn and have fun. If it is only 3 years old to go to class, it is quite late, because then the child may already have thoughts and actions “opposed” to going to class when having to change to a new environment, as well as receiving external information. It will be more difficult.”

Currently, some parents are still reluctant to send their children to kindergarten early. Most are left to grandparents to take care of or hire a maid. This will limit the baby’s ability to communicate and perceive. Because the maid often not only takes care of the baby but also has to clean the house … or when the baby is fussy, or anorexic, turn on the TV, or smartphone to comfort the baby. Since then, creating psychological dependence, and relying heavily on television and smartphones has some cases led to “addiction”.

How old can children be at International Kindergarten
How old can children be at International Kindergarten

Grandparents or helpers all have a good way of caring for and loving children, however, not all grandparents or maids are “experts”, they are not trained in childcare skills, and do not can teach children the skills they need to prepare for school.

Not only that, if parents ask grandparents to take care of their children, it will be very difficult for parents to give advice and easily arise conflicts. And the maids sometimes their qualifications that are not enough to absorb new things to be able to care for and teach the baby according to your wishes.

At Brighton, we understand that it is wrong to absolutize any method of early childhood education. With this view, the Brighton International Kindergarten system has pioneered the application of the program “Educate children with intelligence early” to optimally exploit the strengths of each educational method, creating a distinctive feature of Kindergarten. Brighton, at the same time, ensures that its sole objective is the holistic development of the child. To learn about the children’s program, please contact us using the information below

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