How to gain weight for preschool children

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Children with anorexia and low birth weight are one of the terrible obsessions of 80% of parents with milk diapers. It is really a headache when children face meals with depression and fear. So how can children improve their anorexia and how to gain weight for preschool children??? Here Brighton will share the secret for mom!

Cach tang can cho tre mam non

The reason why children “WILL EAT” and how

Pressure from the first meals of life is one of the main reasons why children “WILL EAT” due to psychology. Therefore, learn from your future children “turn their meals into a game or give them positive inspiration for food”. However, to do that, mothers also need to prepare a lot of things plus a strong mentality and not get angry if they do not cooperate.

If frankly the reason why children “WILL EAT” is because of “Mother: it’s cruel, but it’s true. Because of the mother’s boundless love and worry, it unintentionally makes the children feel So in the end, what do we do with kids who “WILL EAT”?

1. Favorite food

Let your kids enjoy the foods they love, don’t force your taste on them. This will create inspiration with food and stimulate appetite in children. If the foods that children love lack some essential nutrients, do not worry but supplement them with snacks.

2. Patience

Patience is one of the things that a mother must do, especially with children with strong personalities. If you’ve given your child the freedom to choose what food to eat, but he’s still uncooperative and can’t finish his meal in 30 minutes, have him stop continuing the meal. Wait until the snack, and continue to let the child be comfortable, if the child still does not finish the snack, do not lose patience but let the child fast. And start again at the 2nd main meal of the day, there are a lot of children who come here who are still uncooperative, don’t worry they won’t be exhausted, just leave them alone, you just need to set up the food and set the time to clean up. Eat it. On the second snack you can ask your children if they want to have a snack, if they refuse, accept the child’s condition and wait until the 3rd main meal of the day. Please continue to be a mother patiently and gently ask the child what he wants to eat, respond to the child and continue to time it, this meal will certainly be a little more appetizing, but there are also some children who are delicious. but still have the habit of “eating and drinking” so for exactly 30 minutes, stop your child’s eating time even though they are still eating, and remember to tell your child that a meal can only last 30 minutes. Seriously eat within the allotted time, try to eat faster tomorrow.

Don’t worry, children will be exhausted if they don’t eat enough. Please be patient and happy to give children time to adapt, children will gradually regain their appetite and be more excited about meals without pressure. Mom, let’s make children’s dishes more interesting with eye-catching shapes or colors with vegetables, …

3. Do not allow children to eat while watching TV or playing on the phone

This is one of the mistakes of mothers when it’s time to eat is to turn on the TV or phone to attract the attention of the child, distract the child and not be able to enjoy the food. Let the child sit at the table, and there is nothing but food, surely the first time the child will not cooperate or miss. But ignore them, be patient as in article 2, so children will gradually become aware that when it’s time to eat, just focus on eating, if you don’t eat in time or skip meals, you will have to suffer the torment of your stomach. until the next meal.

How to gain weight for preschool children

How to deal with anorexia, slow weight gain and malnutrition, is always the top concern of parents when raising young children. If this situation occurs in the first years of life, it will have a significant impact on the current physical, mental and intellectual development of the child and also lead to stunted children and high risk of infection. later chronic diseases.

There are many causes of slow weight gain, mainly due to the lack of understanding of nutrition knowledge by caregivers, leading to mistakes in care, unbalanced diet, lack of quantity and quality. The quality of nutrients for children… And it can also be because children are often sick, poorly absorbed, run and jump a lot which consumes calories or because children are improperly forced to eat, causing anorexia nervosa…

So what should parents do to help their children?

  • It is necessary to take your child to see a Doctor of Nutrition on a monthly basis so that the doctor can monitor the child’s growth (weight, height, etc.), examine and detect problems early, find causes, and treat disorders. and advice on appropriate child care.
  • Children under 12 months of age need more careful monitoring than older children. Do you need to review the correct technique of breastfeeding? Total amount of breast milk per day? The quality of breast milk and the mother’s diet while breastfeeding? Is the quality and quantity of weaning meals suitable for the baby’s age?… for timely adjustment.
  • After 1 year of age, children need to be persistent in learning to eat enough 4 food groups in each main meal and learn to eat whole carcasses with increasing coarseness (including starch, protein (meat, fish, shrimp, crab, etc.) eels, frogs, eggs, seaweed, beans…), fatty (add 2 teaspoons of cooking oil to each bowl of porridge, rice, etc.), vegetables and fruits.Do not let children eat porridge for a long time, it will make children sick. very boring. Remember to season it lightly and use iodized salt for your child. Practice giving your child a variety of foods during the day and change the dishes regularly every day so that they are not bored and provide for them. enough essential nutrients.
  • In addition to meals, when children are 12 months old or older, make sure to provide them with at least 500 ml of milk each day. If the child lacks breast milk or the mother has to go to work, should choose the right type of formula milk to replace and remember to practice giving the child more yogurt and cheese regularly to help the child have enough Calcium to help develop the maximum height. superior. Regular consumption of yogurt also helps children supplement beneficial intestinal bacteria, enhancing their ability to digest and absorb.
  • Need to feed and drink milk more times a day because children’s stomachs are small, so they can only eat a little at a time. Pay attention to increase the consistency of the bowl of porridge, rice and make sure to provide enough fat in each cup. You should add milk rich in energy and nutrients to help your baby gain weight quickly
  • Finally, it is very necessary to create a happy and comfortable atmosphere for meals, help children feel interesting when eating and discover new foods, avoid scolding or punishing children while eating because it will scare them away. next meal and be a good example for your children in healthy eating such as practicing the habit of eating lots of green vegetables and fruits because our children always learn around by observing and imitating.




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