How to help children talk to their parents

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Being a parent is always one of the most challenging roles in anyone’s life. After giving birth to a child, we not only learn how to take care of and raise a child but also learn to be friends with our child. There are many parenting styles where the child is just a baby being held in his arms until he is an adult and begins to collide with life. But regardless of the style, undeniably the best parenting is still based on the relationship between parents and children. If the parent-child relationship is strong, then education will be effective.

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Make friends with your child

Making friends with children seems difficult and easy, it’s not necessarily a sublime job that we need to go through training to be able to do. It’s no coincidence that making friends is the shortest and best parenting path. Start making friends with your child with the smallest things.

The first thing to be able to be a companion with the children, parents should put their position on an equal footing with their children to have an objective view of all issues. The gap between two different generations sometimes makes parents always have the thought of imposing it on their children. Remember to always respect, lower your position or consider your children as friends, then both of you are in the same mindset, the distance is shorter, and the children are easy to share.

Understanding the psychology of children through each stage of development

To connect with your child in the most effective way, understanding psychology is essential to have appropriate methods of connecting with your child. Because at each stage, your baby will go through a lot of changes in the brain, perception, and personality.

We can divide the process of a child’s psychological development through 3 stages:

  • From birth to 2 years old: At this stage, the mother always occupies the leading position in the formation and psychological development of the child.
  • From 2 to 6 years old: At this age, children develop a lot of languages and contact with increasingly expanded objects. Teaching children to share and care for others at this stage is most appropriate.
  • From 6-12 years old: Entering puberty, children develop more complex thinking and often multi-emotional. Parents should regularly talk to and educate their children about social evils and risks in life. Explain logically and offer solutions that match the child’s personality.

Ways to help parents become friends with children

1. Maintain the family’s daily routine

Maintaining a general routine is extremely important. Meals are the best time for parents to have a conversation and share with their children through a tiring day of studying. It can be funny stories or problems children encounter at school that need to be guided by parents to give them solutions. No matter how busy you are, always arrange a family meal every day.

2. Building common interests between parents and children

Shared interests and interests are a great source of bonding between parents and children. For example, father and son watching a football team or girls and mothers learning to cook and bake cakes for everyone also create regular moments of conversation and enjoyable experiences together.

3. Spend time listening and exploring with your child

In today’s life, parents seem to have less and less time to spend with their children, but that is not the problem. Because it depends on how we spend time with our children rather than how much time we have. Practice change and take the time to listen to your child.

When your children talk, always keep a caring attitude, listen excitedly and always show that they fully understand what they are going through. The best way parents should do this is to help children find a way to solve problems and always be there for them when they need them. Do not stand on the side that adults always understand everything and judge. This can make the parent-child relationship worse.

4. Interested in friendships and schoolwork

As children get older, they develop social and social relationships, and it becomes harder and harder to stay connected with their parents. Although children have grown up with the awareness of making friends, parents should not take it lightly. It is important to actively participate in and participate in school activities with your child if possible.

We should approach our children’s relationships as closely as possible. The more parents understand their child’s world, the closer the connection is. This makes great sense as if you are guiding your child through the dilemmas or difficult choices he is facing. Since then, parents have always had a positive influence on important decisions in their children’s lives.

5. Teach children to do housework

Housework is a simple way to help your child learn independence and responsibility. We can train children to do housework according to their age so that they can adapt. This is also a way to connect parents with children through children sharing their struggles with their parents. However, when you do not do well, do not criticize, patiently teach and encourage your child to do better next time.

Show cuddles to your baby every day

Cuddling gestures may sound simple, but parents must do and always say that they love their children every day. Children will constantly feel loved and safe. Let your child feel that he is always loved by his family no matter how old he is.

Having the understanding of parents helps children become strong and confident on the road ahead. Hopefully, the above article will help parents in the process of raising, making friends, and developing thinking with their children.

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