How to recognize a “STANDARD” Montessori preschool

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Montessori is one of the educational methods that many parents are interested in and want their children to have access to this educational method. In the previous article, we shared with parents about “What is the Montessori method of education?”, and in today’s article, we will guide you on how to recognize a “STANDARD” Montessori preschool.

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How to recognize a standard Montessori preschool?

What is Montessori Preschool?

Here we will reiterate the concept of a Montessori preschool as an educational institution applying the Montessori educational method. However, in reality, not many parents in Vietnam know about this method of education or may know it but it is still quite vague.

The Montessori education method is a child-centered educational method, meaning that children will be developed according to the cognitive ability of each child. With this method of education, children will learn the necessary life skills that a child needs. The first skill when children approach this educational method is “SELECT”. Children will learn how to play, eat, sleep by themselves, do personal hygiene, and arrange their furniture, …. Next, children will learn communication skills with acquaintances and strangers. and friends… Defense skills, behavior skills, learning skills,…

The condition for children to be able to properly approach this educational method is the Montessori “STANDARD” educational environment. So how can we know which school is “STANDARD” Montessori? Let’s also follow up on the standards that a Montessori preschool must have.

What does a “STANDARD” Montessori preschool need?

Montessori is an educational method that many parents are interested in discussing today. However, to choose a preschool that teaches children according to the “STANDARD” Montessori method in Vietnam, parents should note the following experiences to evaluate and recognize the “STANDARD” Montessori school.

1. Facilities and environment

Regarding the facilities and environment of the Montessori preschool, the space must be spacious, and clean, the classroom area is divided according to each learning area and arranged in alphabetical order from simple to complex. to help children easily choose activities that are right for them.

Regarding the shelves for displaying paintings as low as the children’s eyes, the shelves for teaching tools are designed with an open space and low enough for the children’s reach so that the children can pick them up when they need them and clean them up after they’re done using them. The learning and playing space in the house should be clear so that the child can distinguish between the classroom and the playroom, the dining room, and the bedroom. In addition, outdoor entertainment and learning spaces also need to be well invested in terms of safety for young children, including swimming pools, sand, octopus entertainment, and outdoor physical training materials. The sky must be clean, there must be a technical team for regular maintenance, and the grass ground to protect children from injury if they fall while playing and exercising. In addition, the issue of nature should be focused on so that children can have fun and study in a clean space, forming a sense of and love for nature and the environment.

2. Intuitive and lively teaching system

The founder of Montessori education, while working with young children, realized that children would be attracted to objects and materials designed to aid sensory perception. This has helped her to be creative and develop specialized teaching materials to create a suitable environment for children.

Montessori materials are diverse, detailed, and quite sophisticated, created to help children learn in different areas. All learning tools are designed to contain a certain lesson, children will tinker with and experience until they find out how to use them correctly and draw their lessons.

3. Montessori “STANDARD” educational method

With the educational method being “child-centered”, the Montessori method of preschool education needs to respect the characteristics and individuality of each child, creating conditions for children to develop according to their abilities. encourage children to be proactive with the surrounding environment, so that children can promote their self-learning ability. Children’s learning programs should cover the areas of Practical Life, Sensory, Mathematics, Language, and Culture (Science, History, Geography, and Arts). In each area, the lessons need to be lively, and practical, from easy to difficult, from simple to complex, and from concrete to abstract to meet the children’s needs for discovery and learning…

4. Age Mixing Class

The characteristic of the Montessori educational method is to create independence and scientific thinking in children. Grouping not by age helps children to form freedom early and promote mutual support. Because our whole life will always be in the relationship of the age difference, such as when going to work, going to socializing, in the family… Therefore, children can learn in Montessori classes regardless of age with siblings. and the children will be like a miniature form of society: The little ones will observe and learn from the big brothers and sisters as well as the brothers and sisters who like to play with them…

In such an environment, children not only learn knowledge but also accumulate many experiences, practice communication, and social skills, know how to work in groups, resolve conflicts, etc. always be there to observe and convey to children about love and how to live together as a family, so there will be no friction and bullying in mixed-age classes.

5. A team of teachers who are professionally trained in Montessori education methods

In preschool education, the human factor is always put on top, especially in the environment of applying the Montessori education method to ensure the quality of the method, the school’s teachers need to be trained. Professional, certified international Montessori.

In preschools that apply the Montessori method of education, the teacher has a very different role from that of a regular preschool. Children are always respected and placed at the center, so teachers need to know how to create the best environment for them and be available to help when they need it.

Teachers play the role of guides and supervisors for children to develop thinking, and improve their independence and self-confidence, not people who order children to do this or force children to play that. . Teachers need to attract children with an excited, cheerful attitude and a constant smile on their lips. Also because the characteristics of the curriculum depending on the ability of each child to comprehend. Montessori teachers need to be flexible in lesson design and vary according to the individual level of each child.

Above, Brighton has pointed out the special points that a “STANDARD” Montessori school needs to have so that parents can evaluate and choose the best educational environment for their children. If parents are interested in a Montessori preschool in Hanoi, please visit our Brighton Montessori Preschool at the following contact information:

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