Is International Kindergarten Cost High?

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Is the cost of attending an international preschool high is one of the questions that parents are most concerned about when learning about international preschools in Vietnam. Currently, there are four educational models in operation in Vietnam: the state education model, the Vietnamese private education model, the joint venture private education model (bilingual learning), the Vietnamese private education model international private. Among these educational models, the international education model is the most advanced education model with the highest educational costs. For more details on how high is the cost of an international preschool? Brighton invites you to continue to follow the content below.

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Is International Kindergarten Cost High?

Is the cost of attending an international preschool high?

International preschool is one of the most advanced educational environments in Vietnam today, so the cost of attending an international preschool will be higher than other educational models. Currently, the cost of attending an international preschool will range from about $800 – $2,200 depending on the school.

Compared to the cost level at the state education models or private education models in Vietnam, it is difficult to compare. Because the international education model is carefully invested from modern facilities and equipment, there are international health care and nutrition regimes, international curriculum. Children studying at international preschools will be developed in terms of brains, thinking, skills and international languages. The teachers who directly teach children are foreign teachers with rich teaching experience and skills. baby care.

Nowadays, many parents do not hesitate to invest money in order for their children to study in an international environment right from Kindergarten with the desire that their children have the earliest access to modern educational methods. Since then, children have been fully developed in terms of knowledge, personality, and physicality to have a solid launching pad for higher education.

The program builds a strong foundation in all aspects of early childhood development: Intellectual, Creative, Emotional, Social, Physical, as well as providing a solid foundation for learning. practice more effectively. Here, developing children’s communication skills is a top priority and classes focus on supporting children in acquiring all age-appropriate math and language skills at each stage of development. children’s development.

Why is the cost of attending international preschools often higher than state schools?

The cost of attending international preschools is often much higher than state schools because:

  • First, tuition fees at international schools include many other fees such as extra-curricular activities, textbooks – study materials, learning equipment fees, transportation fees, etc. In public schools usually do not have these services. Therefore, it is obvious that the cost of sending children to an international school is often higher than that of a public school.
  • The second reason is that international schools use technology learning devices such as tablets, 3D devices, STEM devices, etc. to help students learn best. At the same time, international schools invest a lot in modern facilities with full football fields, basketball courts, swimming pools, etc. to help students practice and develop physically effectively. These costs are usually included in the facility fee.
  • Third, the educational environment at international schools is of international standards with carefully compiled curriculum according to international programs, a team of good teachers with international qualifications and many years of teaching experience, The size of a class does not exceed 20 students… To ensure this, the costs that international schools spend are not small and these costs are included in the tuition fee.
  • Finally, extracurricular activities and after-school activities are quite popular activities in international schools, not only helping students learn new knowledge, develop soft skills but also bring students to the world. I have interesting practical experiences. In addition, international schools also have many international exchange events with international schools in the same area to help students exchange and learn and make new friends. The cost of these activities is usually included or separately (based on the number of activities involved) in the international school fees. Compared to the great benefits students receive, this investment is well worth it.

The cost of attending an international preschool that parents need to know

The international preschool not only has an international standard educational program, modern facilities, a team of teachers with international qualifications, high professional qualifications and many years of teaching experience… but also stands out. by leading certifications from world-renowned educational accrediting organizations. Therefore, international schools are often the first choice of many parents when choosing an international school for their children to attend. Tuition is one of the most important factors in a parent’s decision to send their child to a school. And many parents still do not know what international school fees usually include, right? Right now, we will share with parents the common fees when sending their children to international schools.

Registration fee

In the cost of attending an international school, the enrollment fee is the fee parents must pay for the international school to handle the procedures from the time of application until the student is officially accepted to attend the school. The enrollment fee is non-refundable if the parent later transfers their child to another school after the enrollment fee has been paid. However, if a student enrolls and pays tuition at the school, the enrollment fee will be deducted from the tuition fee. Usually, this fee is fixed. In case families with many members (siblings) register to attend, the school will have preferential policies attached.

Official tuition fee

This is a fee that many parents are interested in. The international school tuition rates are announced by the school at the beginning of each school year and apply to different grades at international schools. The official tuition fee usually covers the cost of teaching and the cost of supporting the student. Official tuition fees have clear policies on exemptions and reductions, regulations and payment methods, parents need to follow up on the international school’s tuition page and pay tuition fees on time.

An important note is that parents need to find out what the official tuition fees include in order to be fully financially prepared. Usually, the official tuition rate includes the cost of textbooks and study materials, the cost of extracurricular activities and after-school activities, the cost of lunch and snacks, etc.

School and facility development fees

The cost of attending this international school as a source of financial funds for international schools to develop facilities and learning equipment. Parents can understand this as the process of reinvesting in the succeeding grades of the next school year. Fees for school development and facilities vary from one international school to another.

Extra-curricular activity fee

This is the cost for extracurricular activities and after-school activities that parents have to pay for their children when attending international schools. This fee also has many different policies that apply at different schools. International school fees may be included in the official tuition fee, but some schools may separate this fee.

School service fee

This is the fee parents have to pay when allowing their children to use services at an international school such as transportation, language assistance programs, school counseling programs, special education programs, etc.

Language support fee

In case the student has a need for language support classes such as EAL and ESL or special language program, this fee will be included in the international school fees. This can be seen as a support program to improve the language ability of students at international schools.

Student transportation fee

This is a fee that is applied when parents use the bus service to pick up and drop off students at international schools. Usually, this fee is calculated based on the distance from the student’s home to the school. Student transportation fees are also calculated based on one-way transportation (only taking students to school or home) or two-way.

Uniform fee

Most international schools charge this fee as all students are required to wear a school uniform. Uniforms at international schools include official school uniforms and extracurricular school uniforms (clothes, hats, hats, school bags…). Depending on the needs of the child, parents will order the appropriate quantity.

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