Methods of Teaching Children to Learn Alphabets Quickly, Memorize them for a long time

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Teaching children to learn letters is generally not too difficult but requires parents to have patience. Learning the alphabet is the first step in the process of learning to express language and sentences most naturally. Join Brighton to learn how to teach your child to learn letters quickly below to accompany your child’s reading process.

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1. Instruct parents on how to teach their children to learn letters

1.1. Why should children learn letters early?

Many parents wonder if they should teach their children to learn letters early. The answer will generally depend on the educational perspective of each child. However, early literacy can bring many practical benefits as follows:

Children are confident and love learning: Children who are familiar with the alphabet early will absorb knowledge faster when they come to class. This helps children to be more confident and enjoy going to school every day.

Developing thinking: Teaching children to learn early is a way to help children’s brains have the opportunity to develop and increase their ability to observe and perceive. This helps children easily absorb knowledge and learn to progress more quickly.

Self-study: Parents who patiently let their children study at a certain time frame will help children form study habits when they go to school. This is a good habit to help nurture your child’s self-learning ability later on.

Children learn to read faster: Children will have the opportunity to actively access interesting books and stories. This helps children absorb new knowledge, increasing the brain’s thinking ability, which is very good for later learning.

Guide parents to teach their children to learn letters quickly, and memorize them for a long time – Early literacy is especially good for thinking and creativity

1.2. When to teach children to learn letters?

When to teach children to learn letter is a question that makes many parents wonder. In general, children from 2 to 3 years old are the time to have the ability to quickly recognize everything and be constantly curious about the world around them. This is also the time when children begin to be interested in letters and have the ability to learn and memorize letters.

However, to be able to teach children to learn 29 Vietnamese letters at this age will need a lot of patience from parents. You should not expect too much that your baby will remember quickly and remember all this knowledge in just a moment.

With each age, each different personality will need a separate teaching method to be effective. Children 2 – 3 years old should only be familiar with the letters. 5-year-olds will need to study in a more disciplined way to prepare for 1st grade.

1.3. Teach your child to learn 29 Vietnamese letters

Teaching children to learn Vietnamese letters needs a combination of learning and practice. First, children need to learn the correct pronunciation of the sounds in the alphabet. At the same time, children need to know and remember the letter face to create a foundation for future rhyming. For children to quickly memorize, parents can use many different methods such as learning through toys, songs, etc.

1.4. Teach your child to learn English letters

Teaching children to learn English letters in general requires long-term companionship from parents. You can teach your child through daily activities or games so that they are easy to grasp and remember. Also, take the time to let your child listen and sing along to fun English songs to increase language skills.

Some ways to help children approach English effectively parents can refer to the following:

  • Establish a habit of learning English every day and do it regularly.
  • Playing games in English helps children memorize vocabulary and increase their interest in English.
  • Learn English through songs, and age-appropriate story books.
  • Parents can expose their children to the English environment early to improve their language learning skills.

2. Tips to teach children to learn letters quickly and remember them for a long time

How to teach children to learn letters quickly and remember them for a long time parents can refer to the following:

Diverse ways to teach the alphabet

Wanting children to read early and remember for a long time, parents can equip alphabets printed on large paper with funny shapes to attract children. The alphabet should be placed in the classroom or where the child frequents. This not only makes it easier for parents to teach but also makes use of when playing, children can see and remember words.

In addition, parents can equip an electronic alphabet that correctly pronounces each letter when the child touches it. This is also a fun and learning way suitable for curious and exploring children.

Guide parents to teach children to learn letters quickly, and memorize them for a long time – Teach children to learn letters in many different ways to suit children’s interests

What letter is that?

Pictures and colors will make children remember much longer than traditional learning methods. For example, parents can associate the letter A with a fish, and an E with a car or an umbrella to make it easier for children to associate everyday objects.

Learn and practice

When teaching children to learn the alphabet, parents should use a ruler to make it easy for children to follow and at the same time remember the letters. In addition, when learning letters, parents should let children practice reading many times so that children remember the word face longer.

Games with the alphabet

In addition to learning, parents should organize related games to reinforce knowledge vividly and create excitement for children in the best way. This will give children comfort and a sense of fun while learning.

Read books with your baby

Reading is the best method to help children develop a love of learning and increase their memorization of letters. The book provides age-appropriate information. In particular, through the voice of parents reading will help children love letters more. In addition, the regulation of reading time is also a way to help children perfect their independence and self-study skills for the future.

3. Some related questions

3.1. Can a 5-year-old preschooler learn letters?

5 years old is the time when children need to learn the Vietnamese and English alphabets to prepare for the journey to grade 1. In addition to knowledge, 5-year-olds need to learn discipline and independence in learning to help the learning process. easier later.

3.2. Is it difficult to teach children to learn Vietnamese letters in grade 1?

Teaching children to learn Vietnamese letters is difficult or not depending on the ability of each child and the educational method of the family. Parents should learn and choose the most suitable teaching method for their children to have the best teaching effect.

3.3. Latest Vietnamese and English alphabets for kids

The Vietnamese and English alphabet according to the standards of the Ministry of Education can refer to on the Internet. In addition, parents can let their children learn the alphabet through daily games to increase children’s interest.

The above article is sharing about ways to teach children to learn the alphabet quickly and remember it for a long time. Hopefully, with the above knowledge, Brighton will make it easier for parents to accompany their children’s reading process.

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