Teaching life skills to independent preschool children

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Young children need the protection and love of their family, but if they are too protective, they will not be able to adapt to the surrounding environment, tend to be dependent, and can hardly be independent in the future. Therefore, it is very necessary to guide children as well as parents on how to practice life skills for preschool children.

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Life skills for independent preschool children

Every parent always wants to give the best for their child from food to sleep. However, parents protect their children too carefully, making them unable to adapt to the surrounding environment, low independence, and leading to deviations in perception and action. Therefore, schools and families need to find suitable methods of raising children from 0 to 6 years old so that children can practice independent preschool life skills.

Steps to teach children independent preschool life skills

Step 1: Teach children the necessary training skills

First of all, parents must teach their children to live on their own from an early age. Children from 2 years old are gradually aware of everything around and this is also an important period for parents to apply the most effective method of teaching 2-year-old children. Children must master basic age-appropriate skills such as:

Self-care skills: Children should know how to clean their toys, change their clothes, brush their teeth, walk by themselves, and eat by themselves…
Hygiene skills: Children should know how to go to the toilet in the right place, flush after going to the toilet, put dirty clothes in the washing machine, and put garbage in the right place…
Skills to help others: is one of the ways to raise a 4-year-old child, parents should let children know that helping others is a good thing and should be done regularly. Light chores, children can help with such as turning on the fan, turning on the TV (low position), taking the bowl to eat rice, carrying extra furniture, and watering the plants…

Step 2: Parents must be patient as their child tries to be independent

When children try to do something out of curiosity or maybe to imitate others, parents have to wait patiently to see if the child has done it right or not. It is also a method of raising children from 0 to 6 years old to know how to handle and solve problems positively.

For example Baby is trying to put shoes on, you should show how to put shoes on, but don’t be in a hurry but directly do it instead.

Step 3: Build organization at home

All activities and actions of family members can be recorded by the child and will be imitated. You can pay attention or listen to questions from children and from there figure out the best way to teach children to be independent. That is also a method of teaching 5-year-old children that parents need to refer to.

For example: When you are picking vegetables, you should explain and guide so that your child can understand how to pick vegetables and why to pick vegetables so that he can form the right thoughts and actions about helping tasks. family.

Step 4: Assign chores to your baby

Each person in the family has a job, but the common responsibility is still to nurture the home. Therefore, each method of educating children from preschool age of parents affects their children’s habits.

Example: When dad comes home from work, the baby can help him put his shirt and hat off and these actions should be encouraged to repeat often. This is a skill and a way to teach 5-year-olds that many parents successfully apply.

Step 5: Teach your child preschool life skills by encouraging them to work

Teaching children preschool life skills by praising brings positive expressions to the baby. Children will be happier when their parents praise and praise well. This will encourage the baby’s good actions to become habits, forming the child’s character later.

Parents should also reward with small gifts to make the child even more excited. Do not reward money when the child has not fully understood its value.

Methods of raising children from 0 to 6 years old in independent preschool life skills

This is the first stage of a child’s life, and that’s why parents need to pay attention to the methods of raising children from 0 to 6 years old, should not be too protective of the child, this will help your child slowly adapt to the new environment. surroundings, outside the family.

Methods of teaching 2-year-old children: Practice independence skills

For children at the age of 2, when they begin to be aware of simple problems around in life, at this time parents should train them in self-care skills to play, eat, drink water and change clothes by themselves. pants when dirty … Besides, mothers should also practice for their children the habit of maintaining hygiene. This is a method of teaching 2-year-old children that parents need to know.

Method of teaching 4-year-old children: Self-reliance skills

Parents who want to teach their 4-year-old children will need to consult and read more manuals to shape and help their children maximize their abilities and interests.

With ways to raise 4-year-old children in preschool life skills such as helping parents do things such as cleaning up toys after playing, and putting their dirty clothes in the washing machine… even though these are chores, they will Help children form positive habits and thoughts from an early age.

Method of teaching 5-year-old children: Encourage children to work

When children start on the threshold of 5 years old, parents should offer ways to teach 5-year-old children such as encouraging and listening to their children’s ideas and thoughts. In addition, parents should also offer methods of teaching 5-year-old children appropriate to their hyperactive and expressive age.

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