What To Do To Improve The Baby Can’t Remember Faces

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Children who do not remember words are always a problem that causes headaches for parents, especially parents who have children between the ages of 5-7 years old. So how do children remember the word face? What are the ways to teach children to remember letters effectively and save time? Check out some of Brighton’s secrets below!

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The reason why the child does not remember the word face

A 5-year-old child who has not yet memorized the alphabet or he does not remember numbers is normal and not a cause for concern because they are still in kindergarten. However, a 6-year-old child who has not yet memorized the alphabet is a problem because by this time they have reached grade 1, memorizing and recognizing letters is mandatory and it is an important premise for rhyming. There are many reasons why children do not remember the alphabet despite being taught by their parents every day, such as:

Children learn slowly

Not all children can learn effectively even though they all apply the same teaching and learning methods. Depending on many factors such as innate (heredity, IQ, ..), due to the living environment, etc., there will be children who are slow learners next to fast learners. This is completely normal and parents do not need to be too worried because there will still be many ways to “smartly compensate” to help improve the problem of children not remembering words.

Inability to concentrate

Children are very active. This is shown by the fact that when the mother teaches the child to learn letters, it is difficult for the child to sit still, not pay attention to the letters, but only focus on other things such as talking alone, playing, … Or it may be that the child has focused on studying but the concentration time is too little to be able to absorb the knowledge.

Learning is not right

Many parents always want their children to become “prodigies”, achieving many high achievements in learning, leading to investing too much in their children’s studies. The starting point of forcing children to learn from morning to night is from the positive thought of parents that they want their children to memorize the alphabet faster. However, in the eyes of children, this is a way of forcing them to learn, taking away their playtime. This is also the reason why children inadvertently feel pressure from a very young age.

Psychological obstacles

Children entering grade 1 also have the time when they must learn and remember words to match rhymes. However, this is a period of change in the learning environment from kindergarten to primary school, gradually moving away from parents’ arms and interacting with friends, teachers, and new schools. Therefore, the child may also experience fear and anxiety, thereby leading to the phenomenon of distraction in learning and as a result, the child cannot remember the words.

Methods to help improve the condition of children who do not remember words

The most effective way to teach children to remember faces is that parents need to prepare themselves patiently and gently. In particular, you should not put pressure on your child and must have a specific and appropriate route and method for the baby. Here are some methods to help parents teach their children to remember letters at home:

Equipping the alphabet at home

The way to help children remember the first letter is that parents should prepare an alphabet for the child at home, should hang it in the study corner or anywhere suitable and suitable for children’s eyes. Hanging in easy-to-see places makes it easy for children to observe and helps them learn anytime, anywhere. To attract and motivate children, parents should choose to buy alphabets with funny shapes and eye-catching colors.

Currently, on the market, many electronic alphabets pronounce each letter when the baby clicks on that letter. Parents can equip their children with an alphabet like this. With curiosity, hyperactivity, and a love of discovery at this age, your baby will surely love to touch the alphabet to make sounds. This is not only a way for children to learn and memorize the letters themselves but also an extremely effective method of “playing and learning”.

Practice remembering words associated with objects

Usually, the baby will be attracted to and able to remember the names of objects more easily than the words. Accordingly, parents should buy toys with different colors or flashcards to increase their baby’s concentration when learning letters. For example, learning the letter “a”, parents let the baby hold the custard apple. Learning the word “umbrella”, the mother shows the baby the picture of an umbrella, …

Point to the letter every time you learn it to help your baby remember it better

When teaching children to learn letters, parents should always use their fingers or a pen, or a ruler and point to the letters. This makes it easier for children to focus, catch up with knowledge, and thus be able to remember letters better.

Study and practice at the same time

In the process of teaching children to recognize letters, when teaching children which letters, parents should let children practice reading so that they can remember that word for a longer time. At the same time, when learning, parents can also help children remember by associating letters with everyday objects that children come into contact with. For example, the letter “o” is shaped like a chicken egg, the letter v looks like a picture of two small fingers when posing for a photo, etc.

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Game with letters

Children always prefer playing to learning, so parents can combine word learning with fun games to help children focus and absorb better. For example, the letter coloring game, the game to find the image of the letter in the picture, etc. This is also an effective way to help children remember the letter face that parents should know.

Practice reading anywhere

Parents should not only sit at the home study table to teach their children to remember words, but parents should be flexible anytime, anywhere. For example, going out to meet the letters on billboards, traffic signs, milk bottles, etc., please challenge your baby to find the letters on them, and don’t forget to give him a reward when he answers correctly!

Learn to memorize, not rote

Rote learning when memorizing letters not only makes children unable to remember the words but also greatly affects children’s thinking and thinking circuits. Therefore, instead of just instructing the child to read forward, parents should guide the child to read the alphabet in reverse. Then increase the difficulty by pointing to any letter and checking if the child remembers that letter or not.

Take the time to talk and understand your child better

The learning method is really important, especially for remembering knowledge in young children. Moreover, each child has different strengths and weaknesses, so talking to understand your child’s thoughts and desires will help parents find the best teaching and learning method as well as how to teach them. Children remember words more effectively

Mistakes parents often make when teaching children to memorize letters

In addition to the experiences in teaching children to learn letters mentioned above, parents should also avoid some common mistakes as follows:

Using too many sample alphabets

This is the first thing parents need to pay attention to. When the “toddler” started teaching their children to learn letters at home, many parents thought that hanging as many sample alphabets in the house with pictures would make it easier for children to learn. However, this is an inefficient way to do this because these tables do not help children learn more letters but only help them remember longer the learned letters. Therefore, parents should not pay too much attention to the house full of these alphabets, but only 1-2 is enough.

Boring way of teaching

When parents use teaching tools or teaching methods that are too boring, not only will the child lose interest, but even the parents themselves will not have the motivation and patience to continue teaching. Instead, parents should try to diversify visual aids or combine songs to make the lesson more interesting for children, such as practicing singing “ABC Song – Vietnamese alphabet”, ” Vietnamese alphabet song”, “ABC New Song”,…

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Expecting too much from me

Many parents often make this mistake. Expecting children to know more than they can learn to write, and showing impatience when they can’t do it will make the class tense, parents lose patience, and children become scared every time they sit at the table. Therefore, pushing children when they are not ready is something that parents should avoid.

In addition, our parents should not practice teaching children to write letters too early. Usually, when they go to kindergarten, children will practice writing basic strokes first to train their hand muscles as well as learn how to hold a pen correctly. To be able to write more fluently and correctly, children will take a rather long time in the 1st-grade curriculum. Therefore, in addition to teaching children to remember the letters and memorize the alphabet, parents should not force their child to practice writing more, let time slowly let the child practice.

Children should not be taught to write letters too early, but should only practice basic strokes

The above article is about the cause and how to overcome the situation that the child does not remember the word face. Hopefully, the above useful experiences will partly help parents in supporting their children to improve their academic achievement. Good luck parents!

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